An Analysis on the RhetoricalDevices in Advertising English

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[摘 要]As a mass communication,advertising has some special features and functions of its own.And the copywriters always use some devices to achieve its objective.This thesis aims to study the rhetorical devices used in advertising English such as alliteration,rhyme,metaphor,pun,personification,and hyperbole.
  [关键词]advertising English rhetorical devices
  With the development of economy,advertising plays a more important role in establishing brand awareness,building image,promoting international business,etc.It provides a valuable service to society and its members through defining for consumers the meaning and the role of products,services,and institutions.And the language of advertising has a powerful influence on people and their behaviour because it uses some special devices such as rhetorical devices.
  Ⅱ.Advertising English and Its Functions
  According to American Marketing Association,the most popular definition of advertisement is as follows:Advertisement is the non-personal communication of information usually paid for and usually persuasive in nature about the products,services or ideas by identified sponsors through the various media.Thus,advertisement is a type of mass communication between certain sponsors and a certain target audience.It provides information of products to consumers with an aim to persuade them to take action.There are two main functions of advertising:informing and persuading.The latter is the primary function,which means,the overriding function of advertising is to persuade or manipulate the potential consumers to buy a product and accept the ideas,values,and life styles which are associated with the product.And the informative function serves for the purpose of exerting the persuasive effect at its best.
  Ⅲ.Rhetorical Devices in Advertising English
  A successful advertisement can always trigger the consumers'purchasing action.In order to achieve this objective,advertisements frequently use some special devices such as alliteration,rhyme,metaphor,pun,personification,hyperbole and so on.These rhetoric devices are so impressive and persuasive that they can contribute to draw people's attention,arouse their interest and desire,at the same time,convince them and finally push them into action to buy the products.
  1.Alliteration and Rhyme
  Alliteration is also called head rhyme or initial rhyme and it refers to the repetition of the initial consonant cluster in stressed syllables.It is frequently used in advertising English because it can add cadence and power to the sentence and make the advertisement more impressive.For example,
  Health,humour and happiness...Gifts we'd love to give.(The Saturday Evening Post)
  In this advertisement,health,humour,happiness have the same head rhyme[h],which makes the advertisement impressive and easy to remember.Furthermore,it uses ellipsis to leave us more room to imagine that this newspaper will bring you more goods than these three aspects.
 Rhyme is the identity of sounds between words or verse lines extending back from the end to the last fully accented vowel and not further.Just like alliteration,rhyme is also commonly used in advertising to help memory.For example,
  Hasty,Tasty.(Fast Food Restaurant)
  There are only two words in this advertisement,but they can appropriately express the features and advantages of this restaurant.Moreover,these two words with the same rhyme make the sentence reads rhythmic and give us a deep impression.Therefore,alliteration and rhyme are two useful devices to persuade people into action.
  2.Simile and Metaphor
  Simile is an explicit comparison between two things that are essentially unlike,yet are alike in a certain respect.Simile is a powerful device in description,explanation and persuasion.By comparing an unfamiliar thing to something that is better known,or by making comparison of familiar objects out of people's expectation,the copywriter can make his ideas more clear and vivid.For example,
  Like a good neighbour,State Farm is there.(State Farm Insurance)
  In this advertisement,insurance company is compared to a good neighbour with the figurative word"like",which is frequently used in simile.Almost everyone in America knows the teaching sentence in the Bible"Love thy neighbour as thyself".Now there is the State Farm Insurance standing besides you at your service and the feeling of kindness will arises spontaneously.Therefore,this simile can cause resonance and make itself persuasive.
  Metaphor is an implied analogy which imaginatively identifies one object with another and helps transfer the qualities of one thing to another naturally.It is one of the most popularly used rhetorical devices in advertising English.With metaphor,copywriters can make their advertisement more specific and vivid.For example

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