On Application of Reduction Strategyin Film Subtitles Translation

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 [摘 要]Reduction is a very effective translation strategy.In order to adapt to the requirements of the target language and culture,the constraints of film subtitles translation should be taken account.Though sometimes the application of reduction may cause some cultural vacancy,it is a must in accordance with target culture and it will make the subtitles easy to understand for the viewers.This paper is going to discuss the translation in The Founding of a Republic and The Banquet and demonstrate significance of reduction to the film subtitles translation.
  [关键词]reduction strategy omission condensation
  Ⅰ.Definition of the Reduction Strategy and Its Characteristics
  Reduction strategy refers to deletion and the abridged of the less important messages or irrelevant information to the receivers' cognitive activities.While in the process,the translator should take full account of the target viewer's cultural background values,language,habits and other factors on the standpoint of target language.Reduction is used to emphasize the much more relevant information.In the translation practice,reduction is divided into omission and condensation.
  Ⅱ.Effective Application of Reduction
  Subtitles Translators are usually adapt the following strategies and techniques under the above principle:simply the original text,reserve the original meaning and text feature with excerption of the original English dialogue and highlight the core component of the dialogue.To maintain subtitles and dialogue simultaneously,translator ought to delete the information which will not affect the story plots.In addition,make use of the Arabic numerals to render the information about year,distance,weight,currency,etc.,which will not only reduce the length,but also facilitate the audience to read.Therefore,the translator is supposed to adapt language norm of the target language under the flexible grammar rules to reach the film's expected results.
  1.Application of Omission
  The translator use omission to omit the unimportant contents in the fast subtitles.Omission is common used to deal with the dialogue with high speed and many contents.The main feature of omission is the elliptical expression and abridged content.Omission is bound to cause the loss semantic meaning and style while other channels will compensate like the soundtrack and recalled scenes.We use the above method to deal with because of the time and space constraints.If the film subtitle is too fast and the content is too much,we will adapt omission strategy.
  The article will discuss the strategies and techniques in the Chinese-English translation.Omission is to omit some part of the original text.The use of omission will be directly related to the quality of the translation.The proper use of omission will make the translation exact,fluent and concise to avoid prolixity and ambiguity.Some translator may have the feeling when they are engaged in the translation at first.Though the text is translated faithfully word by word,the English version is still unsatisfactory not only due to the ambiguity but also due to the awkward expression.The main problem here is that the translator is unable to use the omission strategy.
 As previously said,the subtitle translation is subject to space and time limitations,therefore,the translator must have the ability to delete some irrelevance message to the development of the story in order to enhance the effective communication of important information and to avoid transmission of redundant information and procrastination.
  Example 1:
  周恩来:你们平时的能耐哪里去了? Zhou Enlai:what happened to you?
  自吹自擂是老地下党能耐大得很 You bragged about your abilities
  当年在上海如何如何 You bragged about shanghai
  在红队如何如何现在呢 You bragged about the Red Army.And now?
  冯将军一个大活人被活活烧死 General Feng was burned to death
  《建国大业》 The Founding of a Republic
  “自吹自擂是老地下党”means that someone boasts himself as the experienced Chinese communist member.It has the same meaning with the later sentence and moreover the subtitles space is so limited,so it is necessary to omit it.
  Example 2:
  婉后:当初先帝答应你去吴越之地学艺 Empress:When your father allowed you to pursue the arts
  我是反对的 I was against the idea
  我心目中的男子汉 To me,a man should not be
  不应当是一个杏花春雨 a lonely musician
  温山软水浸泡出来的寂寞歌手 a product of warm hills and soft streams
  《夜宴》 The Banquet
  “杏花春雨”is commonly used to describe beautiful landscape in Chinese.In the early spring,apricots are in the blossom and the rain drizzles gently.“杏花春雨”and“温山软水”are compared to apprenticeship environment.Those two phrases play the same role.More descriptive words on the environment may increase viewer's burden of understanding.

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