Analysis and countermeasure ofInternational green trade barrier

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  The green trade barrier limits the development of the international trade by many steps.It obstacles the integration of the international economy,the free course of the world trading.It has some countries,especially the in some developing countries,the production for export lost greatly.However,under the limitation of the green trade barrier,the air and water resource have been polluted badly,and the soil resource decreasing and the loss of life,etc.have been relatively released.The quality of living enviroment for human beings has improved evidently.
  1.The form and features of green trade barrier
  The definition of the green trade barrier and its basic form.
  The green trade barrier is also named as green barrier.It refers to protection of the inner market by means of the limitation by the strict environment protection technology or the green signs in the export and import,which can keep the foreign merchandizes outside.This causes a immense impact on the international trade order.
     2.The reason of appearance of green trade barrier
  (1)The change of view of value.
  Along with the development of the industrialization and the growth of the world economy,the increasing destroy and pollute getting more and more serious.This has directly affected the living and development of human beings.And this successfully drew a attention of the international society.The way of people thinking,behavior of consumption and view of consumption have changed.The new conception of value that concentrate on quality of living and creating green civilization;the need for green production within pollution and harm to human are increasing.The people in developed counties have formed a good view of value for green production also provides developing countries chance and challenges.
  (2)The traditional lawless tax barrier gets condemn of the international society.
  In order to bring up the newborn industries,some mature industries gain unpredicted profit.But even this,they never thought of the protection of the inner market.However,after the operation of the The General Agreement On Tariffs And Tradeand the WTO,the import tax has been decreased ever since.Non-tax barrier has been limitations.The chance and space for traditional trade barrier are getting smaller and smaller.On this occasion,the developed countries begin to search for new ways of trade protections for the sake of development of their own industries.And green trade barrier come into use.It is the fattest way of protection adapted.
  (3)different standards in different countries.
  Economy's state stays in different level owing to the different technology level.So,there are great differences in the ability of environment protection in different countries.This leads to different environment protection standard.It is a hard to say which standard is the best one,because different environment standard has a direct impact on the cost.And this would have great impact on the world competence,which affected the balance of the international income and expenses.In order to limit the import from developing countries,the developed countries find the green trade to be excuses to protect their own industries.
  3.The impact of the green trade barrier on China
  The green trade barrier has both good and bad impact on one country.But it indeed has different impact on different countries.Limited by the technology,China has a lower ability to deal with the barrier and catch up the chance to improve itself.Moreover,China mostly focuses on export labor-centered production.By far it has received negative impact from the barrier.For the time being,this kind of barrier exists everywhere,and grow stronger and stronger,which has struck our market and economy seriously.
  (1)The negative impact.
  ①It prevents the export form China and weakens the export international competence.
  ②It influent the bilateral even multilateral relationship with other countries getting to problems.
  Recently,the developed countries circumscribe the importation from acclaiming that those goods are not the green production.Thus bring up the conflictions.The developed countries enjoy a free form of trade in a certain trade zone,which reduce the standard of trading rather than trading from outside of the zone.So,countries like China are hard to break through the trade barrier.All those confliction are bad for China.The situations are against China.
     ③It accelerates the pollution for products and makes the metastasis to China.The standard of environment protection are low,the systems are not perfect with low standard of green production in China.Because of this,a lot of production of low quality are entering Chinese market leads to many foreign waste cases spring up everywhere.All of this shows that China are lacking of a perfect supervising system.Without a good management there will be no efficient working.According to the investigation,from 1997 to 2000,the foreign waste are increased from 990,000 ton to 17,500,000 ton.There is evidently no doubt that these foreign waste have made the environment more serious in China.But in the items got the investment nearly have no supervising on environment protection,which let the industries causing pollution have transferred in China.

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