Strategy of Vodafone in New Service

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  Abstract:This paper is a comprehensive and incisive analysis of Vodafone’s strategy in new service in order to make clear of its next action and a deep insight of Vodafone’s external environment which has influenced the past of the business and will also work on the future strategy. Although Vodafone is a global company, the paper mainly focuses on the Europe market.
  Key words:strategy macro environment five forces
  1 Introduction
  Vodafone, one of the largest telecommunication operators, has expanded its business among more than 26 countries all over the world and provided network service for 31 countries cooperating with its fellows. It is a successful example of expanding glob ally; however, recently its profits are decreasing including the Europe market and Japan market which in the meantime reflects some intrinsic problems. So after Vodafone strategy of expanding, what next action should be taken in order to move on successfully?
  2 External analysis
  2.1 Macro environment
  2.1.1 Political aspect
  As one of the most successful telecom service provider,Vodafone is seasoned with local politics about telecom of each country in Europe perfectly. The polities relevant to the telecommunication industry are favorable for companies to develop. Meanwhile, the environment in each country is similar to each other while there are little differences in politics, which makes the policy that unifies the service standard of Vodafone available and profitable. According to all these facts, the political environment in most countries of Europe is fine to Vodafone.
  2.1.2 Economic aspect
  Economy of Europe rises steadily in present years and it will continue rising in the next two years. According to the financial report of Europe, the household disposable income will grow to a high level. It is certainly good news to Vodafone that it doesn ' t need to worry about the financial burden ability of customers in Europe if only there ' s no abrupt economic crisis. So the only thing Vodafone need to do is to make every effort to let customers choose their service and products. Finally, our conclusion is that the macro environment in the coming two years will be fine and optimistic to Vodafone ' s Accomplishment.
  2.1.3 Social and cultural & demographic aspect
  The harmony of social and cultural environment is another advantage of Vodafone in Europe. Europeans rely on mobile telecom seriously, the current numbers of mobile phone users is very high and the dependence will even be more serious in the next few years with the coming of information society. Moreover, as a certain result of information society, there will be more demand on 3G and other high-Tec services. These characters provide a vast and stable market.
  2.1.4 Technological aspect
  With the new principle of combining mobile service with the Internet through 3G, Vodafone is looking for cooperators and now has some important headway . The net of Vodafone that spread all over Europe provides a good foundation to establish 3G service and the present technique of wireless telecom will be of great help to this plan. This plan will promote smoothly and will be competitive in the technology aspect in Europe.
     2.1.5 Ecological aspect
  Vodafone mostly focuses on power saving, minimizing production of waste and recycling. Thanks to the remarkable contribution of itself,Vodafone has a good report on environment protection. This is of course another strong point of Vodafone.
  2.2 Micro environment
  2.2.1 Suppliers
  Vodafone chose Ericsson to manage the supply and distribution of mobile network spare part in its main branches because of Ericsson ' s leading position in this area. Ericsson was also chosen to be the only supplier of the kernel IP IMS in Portugal and Germany and it offered their excellent service so as to support Vodafone to keep advance in the all-IP network. Their cooperation was so good and steady that they both got considerable profits in the past several months and conclude that Vodafone and Ericsson would go on cooperating in the next two years.
  2.2.2 Customers
  Now Vodafone has customers more than 200 million all over the world. The amount of customers is very large both in Germany and also in Britain. Most of the company ' s customers are young people. Vodafone supply special services to people at home and hope that more and more customers use mobile phones instead of fixed phones. Also, they provide more services for business men or people at work to make it convenient for people to do all things they want to do on computers.
  2.2.3 Competitors
  In Germany, Vodafone and T-Mobile were the most two competitive companies in the battle of the only dealership of iPhone mobile phones form Apple. Surprisingly, Apple finally chose T-Mobile rather than Vodafone in July, 2007. Actually, early in 2004, T- Mobile had done the operation of 3G in order to beat Vodafone. Even though Vodafone was beaten by T-Mobile, there is no doubt that Vodafone is still a strong competitor in Germany. In England, Vodafone always did well. Conclude that Vodafone will be the biggest wireless company in England all the same and it will also hold the first place in the future 2 years in Britain. On the other hand, a federation called FreeMove, consists of T-Mobile, Telefonica, Telecom Italy and Orange was founded in 2003 to stand against Vodafone. Despite FreeMore ' s amount of customer s is larger, Vodafone could do new operations in markets much easier because of its leadership in the area.

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